Land Protection

By the end of 2004, TLT had signed a Purchase and Sale agreement with the Hopkins Family, to buy their 38.5 acre vacant parcel for $2.15 million. A conservation restriction with a designated building envelope is on the property, which abuts the 38 acre vacant parcel purchased by TLT from the Howard Family in 2003. as a result of these two purchases, TLT has incurred considerable debt. TLT is taking steps to eliminate at least one of the two building sites on the 76.5 acres and retain a portion of the waterfront. This is being done by seeking a conservation buyer to purchase the 70 acres, who will embrace the historic conservation ethic of Tuckernuck; and who will aquire only one of the two buildable areas, while the other building site will be eliminated. There are currently 38 homes on the island and a potential for 23 additional homes to be built. Such a high density of people impose unsupportable human stresses on the island's plant communities and create blocks of fragmented habitat, spelling the loss of ecologically significant habitat.