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eedHacks? Well your in luck! We have them here and still we are getting more! There are over a hundered different uses for just the little hacks we have. Soon there will be a thousand! ~~~~~If you have questions about the hacks just post them on the forum!~~~~~

Kings Of The Realm; Members, Hints, And MORE!

Open BNet Hacks

Hack Information
Stats Editor This is a editor that will ONLY edit your stats, not items.
D2 Editor This is a editor that edit exp,waypoint,quest. This editor can't edit items. I think this work for 1.09d too.
Jamella's Diablo II Hero Editor 4.0 Beta 9c Works great with the expansion! Edit your character's version, class, level, experience, starting town, character type, max difficulty, gold in pack, gold in stash, health, stamina, mana, strength, dexterity, vitality, energy, remaining stat points, skills (very detailed), quests, and waypoints. Also allows you to edit your Mercenary's class, name, level, experience, next level, and items. A++, very nice. Must download!
Super Boss Mod This mod increased drops, increased experience. Lots of bosses through out Acts 1-4. Also some Cube Receipies. You can find it in the readme.
Darkness Weaves 2 This mod changed a lots of things. Please read the document for more info.
Phunmod This mod max lvl 250, much more faster lvling, 3 skill points per lvl and 6 stats per level. All gems , which are greatly improved buyable from : Akara,Charsi,Gheed and more.
Super Drop Mod This mod will make monstesr drop a lot of items.
Drop Mod This is a drop mod. All runes above Lum can now be brought from all shop vendors. Full rejuves,normal rejuves can now be brought from all shop vendors.The drop rate is now through the roof. Rings and amulets now cost 1000 to gamble and more.
D2 Plus Plus This add many features. Item drops much much more set, rare, unique items, increased stash, inventory and cube sizes. All runes and perfect gems may be purchased at various shops. May now level up to level 250! Also add some new cube recipes.
Monster Enhancer Mod This mod gives you somewhat tougher monsters, more unique monster spawns, better drops from some of the bosses, reduced gambling cost for rings and amulets, new Cube recipes, and more.
Power Item Mod This is like a drop mod, it increase the rate to drop rare,unique,set, gold. It also you can transmit rare items to a unique item. Recipes are in the readme. A very good mod.
Boss Madness Well, this is another boss mod. This mod added a lot of boss in act 1 and I belive all boss will only appear in Act1. Give it a try.
Mod Creator This little application allows you to tweak the difficulty of the original game, but only in one direction, UP!The application dynamically patches your Patch_d2.mpq file so you can adjust your settings as often as you like, and as blizzard brings out new patches you can simply patch them! No more waiting for updated mods as with traditional mod files. The application will create a backup of your Patch_d2.mpq file called EvilB_d2.mpq. If you already have a modified Patch_d2.mpq file, make sure you replace it with the original before you run this application.Finally, if Blizzard issues a new patch file, simply press the reset button to restore your Diablo II back to its original state. You should then be able to update your game as normal, and if you wish, re-patch the new mpq files again.